Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Therapy

The PRP Intimate shot for Erectile Dysfunction

PRP (PRP Intimate shot) incorporates pain-free injections of a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma to help treat erectile dysfunction; rejuvenating the penis and stimulating new tissue growth, resulting in improved erections that are larger, firmer and more frequent.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

PRP, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma, was designed to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction by improving sexual performance. Surgery is not required for PRP and there is little to no discomfort when administered and no downtime needed before treatment.

What Is The PRP Intimate Shot?

The PRP Intimate shot is a non-surgical solution to natural sexual enhancement clinically proven for nearly a decade, with thousands of patients worldwide achieving enhanced sexual benefits. This procedure utilizes growth factors extracted from a sample of your own blood, stimulating new tissue growth within the penis and consequently promoting erectile function recovery. This process uses PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, a nutrient and growth factor rich portion of your own blood, making it safe and natural; with numerous clinical trials attesting to low risk of adverse events.

Who Benefits From PRP Intimate Shot

Patients with mild to severe erectile dysfunction may experience a significant improvement in erections. Those who experience prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, the after-effects of surgery, diabetes, and drug side effects may also notice an improvement in firmness and girth.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections can be a great ed treatment option for those suffering from male sexual dysfunction alongside health conditions that are risk factors for pharmaceuticals as well.

PRP Intimate Shot Procedure

- A medical professional draws blood from the patient.
- Using a special centrifuge technique, growth factors are extracted from the blood and concentrated into the PRP.
- Specific areas of the penis are numbed with local anesthesia and then injected with the PRP.
- Once it has been injected, it will stimulate blood flow in the blood vessels and the growth of new tissue, allowing an increase in terms of size, sexual stamina, and performance. Since the PRP uses the patient’s own blood, have a happier and healthier sex life without the side effects! - PRP Intimate shot Recovery
- PRP Intimate shot Results
- PRP Intimate shot Side Effects

Potential Benefits Of The PRP For ED

- Stronger, long-lasting erection
- Increased blood flow and circulation
- Improved sexual performance and stamina
- Enhanced size and appearance of the penis
- Increased sensation and pleasure
- Relieves prostate discomfort

Is the PRP Intimate shot painful?

No. You are fully anesthetized prior to the procedure. You may feel some pressure that can be strange, but not necessarily painful. Most patients report a zero to two out of 10 on the pain scale.

What else is done to help with erectile dysfunction?

A Penis Pump will be given to you to use 10 minutes twice daily for the six weeks following the procedure. This will ensure maximum stimulation to the penis, allowing the PRP to be more effective. In addition, your testosterone and all other hormones will be optimized, laying the foundation for sexual health. When needed, other medications will be considered to give you the best possible medical outcome.

When should I expect results?

For some, results are experienced immediately. Most people will begin to see results within a few weeks with maximum benefit after three full months.

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